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6CLZD-60/13 Automatic tea sorting machine

6CLZD-60/13 automatic tea classification machine, mainly used for automatic processing of needle, flat green tea, and Maofeng tea, including withering, cutting, drying, etc.


Tea Sorting Machine

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6CLZD-60/13 Automatic tea sorting machine

  • 产品描述
  • project unit Basic parameters
    Product model / 6CLZD-60/13
    Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 2100×1760×1300
    Tank size (L×W×H) mm 600×90×80
    Number of pots trough 13
    Motor power kW 0.75
    Electric heating power kW kW 16
    Heating source form / Electrically heated
    The quality of the whole machine kg 250
    Usage form / Automatic blanking
    Procedures / Automatic control procedures



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