Flat tea automatic assembly line

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6CL-60/05 Automatic Tea Striping Machine (Huiguo)

6CL-60/05 Automatic Tea Striping Machine (Huiguo) Mainly used for the automatic processing of shaping, tightening, and shedding of Longjing flat tea.

6CMG-72 Tea Glow Cooker

This machine is mainly suitable for Longjing flat tea, Maofeng tea and needle-shaped tea shaping, polishing car color, fragrance, de-milligraphic operations, one-time leaf amount of about 5-8kg, with the machine after the processing of tea, the shape is more compact, the color is more symmetrical, and the finish and fragrance have been significantly improved, for the most ideal stage of famous tea finishing machinery.

6CLZD-60/13 Automatic tea sorting machine

6CLZD-60/13 automatic tea classification machine, mainly used for automatic processing of needle, flat green tea, and Maofeng tea, including withering, cutting, drying, etc.